The Team

The Hutch’s Bicycles/Bend Dental Group cycling team, based in beautiful Bend, Oregon, is a competitive and fun loving group of men and women who have a passion for bicycles and going fast. The team can be seen at cyclocross, mountain. bike, road, and multi-sport events throughout the Pacific Northwest while riding hard with a smile on their faces.

Mission Statement

Hutch’s Racing Team and Club Team promotes the sport of cycling through local group rides, competitive racing, mentoring of newer and younger riders and volunteering our time in the community. Through participation in training, racing, and non-competitive activities, we hope strive to convey a few our core values: an appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation, and perseverance in both winning and losing situations; a sense of group loyalty and the ability to work as a team; a feeling of pride in sportsmanship, ethical conduct and personal integrity; and the benefits of a healthy and active lifestyle. We are also committed to bringing positive recognition to our sponsors in all our endeavors.

Team History – As Told by Original Team Member Scott Seaton

“Hutch’s Bicycles opened in Bend, Oregon in the early 80’s when Jim Lewis moved here to open an offshoot of the iconic Eugene Bike Shop.  A few years later, a small group of riders/racers would meet at Hutch’s almost every mid-week day at noon to ride hard and practice and learn race tactics. Those were rough times braving the chip seal and pick-up trucks of the High Desert wearing only a thin layer of Lycra.

In the early 90’s, Jim decided he would sponsor these hardcore riders.  Hutch’s provided us with kits and top quality bikes and equipment. We became more involved in the burgeoning Oregon mountain bike and road biking scene.  Occasionally sweeping the podiums, especially in the masters age group divisions.

We always had top domestic racers show up to our noon rides. Racers from around the country would get exposed to Bend while racing the Cascade Cycling Classic.  Some moved here for a while or to stay. Our training took a major uptick when Steve Larsen moved here in the late 90’s.  He established our Hutch’s Saturday morning rides which are still going strong today. I remember brutal sufferfests when Steve, Chris Horner, Kirk Willett, some triathletes like Chris “Macca” McCormack and Conrad Stoltz would show up to put the hurt on each other while the rest of us would hang on for dear life.  Those guys were classy and very supportive of us rough amateurs. We learned a lot from those guys and we often felt the races we went to were easier than our training rides.  At one point, Steve even had t-shirts made up for us noon riders.  They were yellow and said Tour Dejeuner, French for “lunch ride”.

One kid that benefitted from those days of training was Team Sky’s Ian Boswell.  Being lanky, he would suffer on the flats wearing his flappy Hutch’s jersey, but as soon as the road tilted up, he was first to the top.  I knew he had the fortitude to be a special rider when I was riding with him and his dad, Grant, and we got caught in a spring snow storm.  We called Alex McClaran for a lift home, and he kindly picked us up.  Ian, however, said he was fine and happily rode off into the blizzard for the final 25 miles home.  Tough kid.  He still graces us with his presence when he’s in town.

Through the early 2000’s, our Hutch’s team was comprised of mainly masters racers and some younger cat 2/3’s. We felt like most races in Oregon were ours to lose. We would have difficulty in the stage races that attracted out of state racers, but would still put a Hutch’s rider on the podium occasionally.

Some of our team members had higher aspirations than doing well in Oregon.  We started targeting national championships. A little-known fact, my wife, Carla Pfund, was the first to win a national championship wearing a Hutch’s jersey on Mammoth Mountain in 2004.  The most recent National Champion is Cody Peterson, winning his age group in 2016 in the thin air of Mammoth Mountain as well.

As Bend grew, the Hutch’s bike shops got busier.  In 2008, Hutch’s rider Greg Bruce had the idea to help with the organization of the team and wanted me to co-lead the team to ease the burden on Jim Lewis and shop managers. We also had the idea to bring co-sponsors on to help fund our racing and developing our newer and junior members. Finding businesses to jump on the Hutch’s pace line was easier than we thought it would be.  Clear Choice, Bryant, Lovlien, and Jarvis, Ambrose Su were among our first sponsors.
Jeff Johnson and his Bend Dental Group have been a major and loyal sponsor since 2008.

John Sorlie and I led the team after Greg Bruce moved away for a couple of years.  I’ve kind of been running the team since with the help of my friends and fellow racers.  Sensing a need for some young blood, I asked (coerced) Cody Peterson to take over the leadership duties for 2017 and beyond. He has exemplary leadership skills and a great relationship with the bike shop, having worked at Hutch’s. And he’s a good guy.

I’ve had three decades with this team and have had amazing friendships and experiences sharing this hobby. I’m happy that there are some younger people wanting to carry on.

-Scott Seaton