Women’s Cycling

It doesn’t matter if you have years of experience, are a beginner, or have never ridden before and want to learn how cycling can help you live a happier, healthier, more adventurous life. Whatever your background and whatever type of rider you aspire to be, Hutch’s Bicycles Liv Ambassadors are here to help.

See our calendar of upcoming events and join us outside for some fun and fitness.

Hutch's Bicycles Janet Shofstal - Liv Ambassador

Janet Shofstall – Liv Co-Ambassador
Beginner Mountain Bike Leader

Greetings, I love riding bikes for the freedom, the feeling and the fun of it. I want to share that joy with everyone, especially ladies. It is my hope that by sharing my knowledge, experience and passion I can inspire more ladies to elevate their riding. As a Liv Ambassador that is my ‘job’ to encourage, support and create a welcoming environment in what can be a very intimidating world of bicycles. The rides I lead are all-inclusive and no-drop. Hope you come and check it out sometime.

Hutch's Bicycles Cheryl Stark - Liv Ambassador

Cheryl Stark – Liv Co-Ambassador
Beginner Road and Mountain Bike Leader

Hello!  Thanks for taking the time to learn more about Hutch’s Women’s Cycling programs!  Riding takes you places that are never seen in a car.  The simple things in nature are suddenly visible, a green hill dotted with cows or a pine scented mountain bike trail.  There is a community of riders out there, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know the rider, you all belong.  My passion is to help women achieve things they never thought possible.  As a Liv Ambassador, I focus on women who are just beginning to ride or want a shorter distance ride.  Are you: intimidated by those large groups of riders, those fast riders, unsure of signals and bike etiquette? Do you pray to the “Flat Tire Gods” to leave you alone on your ride? That was me too!  Join me and Hutch’s for a fun and inclusive ride and become part of this amazing community!

Hutch's Bicycles Cheryl Stark - Liv Ambassador

Heather Simmons
Intermediate Road Ride Leader

Greetings! I’m your Hutch’s intermediate ladies ride leader. I’m a recent arrival to Bend. In the 2 years that I’ve lived here, I’ve discovered what an amazing place Central Oregon is for road riding. I’m pleased to partner with Hutch’s Bend to offer a lady’s-only intermediate group ride. I’ve been a recreational “roadie” for nearly 20 years, participating in duathlons and longer distance road rides. I’ve been an active member of Oregon’s largest women’s-only cycling club Sorella Forte for about 7 years. I’m passionate about helping to advance women’s cycling and encouraging women as leaders in this space. I love all sorts of outdoor activities including rock climbing when I’m not on my bike. I look forward to introducing women to some of my favorite middle-distance road routes, helping women gain road skills and confidence, and getting more women out on their bikes.